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#30DaysWild: Local Patch Wildlife Spotting Update

There has been so much wildlife to enjoy and so many moments in nature this month, during #30DaysWild, that I am sure I have forgotten to tell you about some of them! Did I mention the green woodpecker that has been ‘yaffle-ing’ very loudly most early mornings this week? Or the flocks of long tailed tits,… Continue reading #30DaysWild: Local Patch Wildlife Spotting Update

Blog · The Wildlife Trusts' #30DaysWild Challenge

#30DaysWild: Unplugging Day

Unplugging… and Horrah for Pooh-sticks! Yesterday, Sunday, Day 26th of #30DaysWild was also #UnpluggingDay. I joined in by restricting my electronic gadget use to minimal phone usage and avoiding the news for the day. A change in my work schedule also allowed me to unplug in another way, by leaving the car at home and… Continue reading #30DaysWild: Unplugging Day

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#30DaysWild: Blackbird Days (Wednesday Wildlife Walk)

“Hear this! Hear this! Hear this! Come Listen! Come listen! Come listen! Me! Me! Me! All the latest news now! All the latest news now!” That’s the song thrush singing. I always think they sound like a town crier practicing their art. I am standing about halfway along Jubilee Path, out and about on my… Continue reading #30DaysWild: Blackbird Days (Wednesday Wildlife Walk)

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#30DaysWild: Wild Lands

Today I have been spending my birthday exploring one of the largest re-wilding projects in lowland Europe; the Knepp Estate in West Sussex. Here, Exmoor ponies and browsing deer roam in natural herds, Tamworth pigs rootle through soil stirring long dormant wildflower seeds and long horn cattle lend a timeless air to a view of veteran… Continue reading #30DaysWild: Wild Lands

Blog · The Wildlife Trusts' #30DaysWild Challenge

#30DaysWild:What shall we do today?

Wonderful. Brilliant. Inspiring, New. Learning. Fun. Fabulous. These are just a few of the words I keep seeing pop up again and again as I scan through the #30DaysWild Facebook and Twitter pages. To see so many thousands of people getting so much out of something so simple is amazing and lifts the soul. Well… Continue reading #30DaysWild:What shall we do today?