Summer madness

** Update: September 29th 2016. ** It is often surprising how life takes you in unexpected directions. You think your focus will be in one area, but after some time find something else has taken centre stage. I still walk the lanes and footpaths of the Oak by the Rife Patch, noticing the first time my feet crunch over fallen acorns or hazel-shells, or spying the first celandine or stitchwort blooms beside the bus stop. However, more often than not, the centre of my attention is the patch within the patch; The Cutty Garden Allotment. Here I can spend many a day of hours, musing on the changes of the seasons, observing nature in all its wondrous and awe-inspiring complexities, and pondering that age-old connection with land. So please, my dear friend and companion, don’t be surprised if you find over the coming months that our walks together develop a pattern, a gravity that pulls them in, centrifugally, to that same spot; the gateway into the allotment plot. I will endeavour to share with you insights into the nature of this treasured corner of Sussex, and I am certain we shall cover those familiar and much loved topics of weather, time, flora and fauna. But I hope you will excuse me if, from time to time, I veer off on a tangent into a row of sunflowers or scented bed of roses… for what else could be more delightful? 

The Oak By The Rife: A walk in the Sussex countryside via a WordPress Blog…

Well hello there! I am delighted you have made it, I hope you remembered your wellingtons? It might be a bit muddy where we are going!

Please explore the blog posts; there are two categories, Local Patch Wildlife and The Cutty Garden Allotment. You can choose which section of blogs you would like to read, or find out more about either the patch or the allotment on the accompanying pages.

Take a wander, enjoy, and let me know your thoughts!


The Blog Background

The Oak by the Rife patch covers a 2-mile radius from my front door, all within walking distance on a fine day. From lowland heath in the west, to the steep northern escarpment of the Downs to the South, the grand avenue of ancient chestnut trees to the north, and the birds that visit the feeders in my own back garden, this patch has been my stomping ground, wildlife observation lab and poetic inspiration since childhood.

The Oak by the Rife Blog originally started on Blogger. Please see *here* for the archive of posts from December 2014 – January 2016. 

local patch map

So far on the patch we have explored the hedgerows, paddled in the rife, lazed beside the lake on hazy summer days, thrilled at the arrival of the martins and the swifts in spring, and wished farewell to the cuckoo as autumn arrives.

I look forward to sharing another year with you. So come on, let’s go for a walk.

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For a introduction to the local patch on film – please visit my Youtube channel: SophiEcoWild on Youtube – Oak By The Rife Patch Film